Ms. Jonas

Get to know Ms. Kellie Jonas, she’s one of our fantastic English teachers …

ACE: Why did you want to become a teacher?
Jonas: I wanted to become a teacher because I LOVED all of my English classes in high school and college. I also enjoyed my high school experience, and I knew I wanted to work with kids.

ACE: What ways do you encourage creativity in your classroom?
Jonas: I encourage creativity through writing and art! I like using fun journal prompts to allow kids to write about creative and silly topics. I also like to incorporate artwork into some of my classroom projects. In the past, I’ve assigned projects that included drawings, song lyrics, building structures, and videos.

ACE: How do you use technology to enrich your lessons?
Jonas: My students get to use Kindle Fire tablets! They are a fun to use to read eBooks, play with content related games, do internet research, or even use classroom apps.

ACE: What was the last concert you went to?
Jonas: I saw Kip Moore (swoon) and Tim McGraw (double swoon) last summer in Tahoe!

ACE: What’s the most frustrating thing about teaching?
Jonas: The thing that frustrates me the most is when students don’t put in their best effort. In my opinion, your work ethic has a huge role in defining your character. Whether you’re working on a small homework assignment or a multimillion dollar drafting project, the effort you put into your work says a lot about you. It makes me sad when students don’t think their work reflects who they are. If you put 110% effort into all of your endeavors, you’ll stand out. That is a difficult character trait to switch on after you graduate from high school – you may as well start early!

ACE: What do you like to do when you’re not teaching?
Jonas: I love relaxing with my dogs, jet skiing, camping, and cooking.

ACE: How do you teach conflict resolution to your students?
Jonas: The biggest thing I stress is maturity. In a work environment, you can’t get away with yelling, pouting, or violence. When you experience a conflict, the best way to handle yourself is to stay calm and communicate like an adult; otherwise, you look like a big baby.

ACE: What were you like as a student?
Jonas: From what I remember, I was a pretty good student. I was afraid of disappointing my parents and teachers, so I never missed any assignments. I was always on my best behavior (except being a little chatty at times) because I hated getting into trouble. I didn’t earn a grade below a B until I was in college (Business Calculus almost killed me).

ACE: What radio station is your car tuned to?
Jonas: I don’t have a favorite radio station. I’m guilty of channel surfing until I find something that sounds good. I love Michael Jackson’s music and Disney soundtracks.

ACE: What daily or weekly routines do you incorporate in your teaching?
Jonas: One of my weekly routines is the Career Portfolio lesson I teach every Monday. We begin each week by reading a career-related article and practicing professional writing or other work skills.