Mr. Jackson

Mr. Jackson is an awesome math teacher at ACE, check out some fun facts about him.

ACE: What was the last book you read?
JacksonThe last book I read is my all-time favorite, Alice in Wonderland. The copy I have also has Alice through the looking glass which to me is just as enjoyable to read.

ACE: What do you like about living in Reno?
Jackson Three words, “Lake Tahoe Skiing”

ACE: What was the last concert you went to?
Jackson Not really a concert, but I saw Ron “Tater Salad” White. I love his comedy shows.

ACE: What do you like to do when you’re not teaching?
Jackson I like to spend time with my wife, Joc, and two Dogs, Bianca and Nora. We hike and backpack when I’m not in school.

ACE: What do you look forward to in the summertime?
Jackson Summertime is a great reason to be a teacher, 8 weeks off work. I really just look forward to doing nothing for about two weeks and then it is off doing summer recreation activities with my wife and dogs.

The other part of summertime that I really look forward to is Men’s Club Lacrosse. It is always a good time, and I get to hit people with a large metal stick.

ACE: Do you play an instrument?
JacksonI used to play the alto saxophone in middle school. When I played it sounded pretty much like a wounded duck, but I got to play a concert in Disney Land.

ACE: What were you like as a student?
JacksonWhen I was a student I was very studious and got all my work done. When I was done I goofed off a bit. In some ways this was a nightmare because I earned good grades and caused a ruckus.

ACE: Describe the biggest challenge you’ve ever had to face.
JacksonThe biggest challenge I ever faced was earning my Eagle Scout. It was so much work and planning. The part that made it hard was I discovered other fun things to do like playing lacrosse, which took up lots of time. The other challenge was I would spent most of my summer hiking and working at a camp in southern Utah. Lacrosse and being in Utah most of the summer ate into a lot of time that should have been devoted to earning my Eagle.  In the end, I succeeded by earning the title of Eagle Scout and it is one of my proudest moments in life.

ACE: What daily or weekly routines do you incorporate in your teaching?
JacksonWeekly routines in my classroom include filling out planners on the first day of the week, and a planner check on either Wednesday or Thursday. Daily routines include warm-up for 20 minutes, checking/grading homework for 20 minutes, classwork for 20 minutes and explanations for 20 minutes.  The last two are broken up into each other. The assignment is used as a teaching tool so students can ask questions that come directly from the daily assignment.

ACE: What radio station is your car tuned to?
Jackson17. My car radio is on 104.1 KRZQ, 100.9 The Bandit, or 92.1. All three stations are different and totally awesome.