Mr. Clark

Get to know Tony Clark, he’s one of our fantastic Building Trades’ teachers …

ACE: Why did you want to become a teacher?
Clark: The highlight of my day was going to practice after work and coaching my players. I loved it so much I decided to make it my profession.

ACE: What do you like about living in Reno?
Clark: I like that Northern Nevada actually has four seasons, not to mention the desert landscapes to the East and forest/mountainous terrain to the West.

ACE: How do you use technology to enrich your lessons?
Clark: Technology is all around us in Advanced Building Trades, and we use it every day. Laser levels, construction calculators, and transit levels are just some examples of the technology we use.

ACE: What was the last concert you went to?
Clark: Alan Jackson.

ACE: What’s the most satisfying thing about teaching?
Clark: I am most satisfied when a student who “just doesn’t get it” becomes one of my most successful students, both academically and behaviorally.

ACE: What do you like to do when you’re not teaching?
Clark: It sounds crazy but I love to work on things.

ACE: How do you teach conflict resolution to your students?
Clark: My classroom environment mirrors the workplace where we are all part of a team trying to reach a goal (a professionally completed project). And we all have to rely on one another to reach our goal regardless of personal feelings toward each other.

ACE: What do you look forward to in the summertime?
Clark: I enjoy golfing and camping.

ACE: What were you like as a student?
Clark: I was a complete squirrel. I had a very hard time staying focused on one task, so I did everything all at once. Today we call it multitasking.

ACE: Describe the biggest challenge you’ve ever had to face.
Clark: My biggest challenge was growing up. I guess that’s why I relate so well to what young people are going through.

ACE: What daily or weekly routines do you incorporate in your teaching?
Clark: I want my students to develop good work habits later, so their school work is their job right now. I expect them to have their gear on and tools ready at the beginning of their shift. I routinely use words like integrity, professionalism and punctuality in my class.

ACE: What types of positive reinforcement do use in your classroom?
Clark: A team is only as good as its worst player. And we applaud accomplishment in our class whether it’s adding a fraction or framing a wall.

ACE: What radio station is your car tuned to?
Clark: I enjoy listening to 94.5 ESPN Radio.

ACE: How do you keep parents in-the-loop when it comes to their child’s education?
Clark: I encourage my students to take photos of what they accomplish in class so they can show their parents their new skills. And I occasionally call their home to express how well their child is doing in my class.

ACE: List 5 adjectives that describe you.
Clark: I think words like appreciative, eager, zealous, friendly and clever describe me best.

ACE: What was the last book you read?
Clark: The last book I read was Bill Cosby’s, “Fatherhood.”