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Single Family Home Project


There’s a new single family home currently being constructed in Reno, and that home has something extra special about it.

It’s special because it is being constructed almost exclusively by our ACE students. That’s right…ACE students are building a real, fully operational house that will be available for sale in early spring 2022!

The house will be a 1,870 square foot single family home, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, built in the middle of a Reno neighborhood. When completed, it will boast a fully landscaped lot with complete fencing. The house will be move in ready!

Our students do all of the work (except for digging the foundation hole, taping and texture). All in, it’s a two-year project that will be completed and available for sale in March of 2022.

section_2Before going up for sale, the house must pass all of the standard inspections required for building in the City of Reno. All students working on the project have passed their 10-hour OSHA as well as their OSHA in powder-actuated tools and laser level. These students are certified to build.

When the home is completed it will go through two separate appraisals, after which the house is sold via a bid process, and the minimum bid must be for the final appraised value. The money from the sale of the single-family home goes back into the funding for the next, sure to be exciting ACE Building Trades project!

This Single-Family Home project follows ACE’s highly successful Tiny House project that resulted in the construction three fully functional Tiny Houses. This isn’t their first rodeo however, because ACE students have built and sold eight single-family homes since 2002. It’s just one of the many ways ACE students get real-life experiences to ready them for the working world.

ACE High School, building careers, and now building Single Family Homes!