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Please be aware of weather delay and cancellation policy —->

If the Washoe County School district declares a late start for WEATHER only (not for testing) ACE will begin with first period at 9am.  It does not matter if it is a one or two hour delay, ACE will begin at 9am.

All classes for first period including Diesel, Machining, and Building Trades will meet at Vassar Street Location.

The school will send a phone call, text, and email messages via our automated calling system.  If your number is incorrect, you won’t get the message.  We will also update our Facebook and Webpage as time and systems allows, and we send notices to KOLO, KTVN, and KRNV.

Please listen to the message – ignoring it and then calling the school to ask why we called defeats the purpose of the automated system.  Staff isn’t always available to answer the phone as we are preparing the school for opening.

If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement regarding this policy, please call the school at 324-3900.


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