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Charter schools are free public schools that are established to provide education options above and beyond the standard curriculum designed for student success. The idea behind charter schools is to create innovation in education with public funding. Charter schools have freedom with curriculum delivery, scheduling, and other processes in return for a higher level of accountability.

While some charter schools simply aim to provide a more efficient, effective form of general education, others offer a specialized curriculum in addition to the standard core subjects of English, math and science. The Academy for Career Education was the first school to offer full-time career and technical specialized education in Washoe County.


No, charter schools are public schools and therefore do not charge tuition. ACE High School is free for all enrollees, however there are some fees required for book deposit, uniform, technology, and consumables.

Enrollment at ACE is not predicated on the ability to pay this fee, however, and is never a consideration in the application process.


Yes. ACE High School is accredited by AdvancEd and is sponsored by the Washoe County School District. ACE must meet all requirements established by the State of Nevada for secondary education.

ACE High School is endorsed by the Associated General Contractors Nevada Chapter, the Builders Association of Northern Nevada and the Sierra Nevada Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors.

ACE students focus on 3-4 subjects every 9 weeks, earning 1.5-2.0 credits toward high school graduation. All credits are transferrable between local high schools and many of these classes also earn college credit.

In addition to a standard diploma, ACE graduates may also receive an honors diploma, and most will also earn a Career and Technical Education endorsement on their diploma.

ACE High School is smaller than a typical public high school. While many high schools have more than 200 students per grade, ACE has approximately 220 total students. Class sizes are reduced, thereby creating a more intimate, intensive, hands-on learning environment. ACE teachers are highly involved in the student’s learning process and invested in their success.

ACE High School does not provide transportation to and from school; however, it does offer transportation assistance to those students who demonstrate a need by supplying bus passes. ACE encourages and helps to facilitate parents and students coordinate carpools.

SkillsUSA is student organization that prepares students for careers in trade, technical and skilled service occupations. All ACE students are members and compete each spring in the hopes of bringing home a gold medal and moving on to the national competition. Students compete in a variety of events such as carpentry, plumbing, masonry, diesel technology, architectural drafting, and even job interviewing. Click here to see all the medals ACE students have won locally and nationally.

ACE High School is located at 2800 Vassar Street in Reno, just to the north of the Reno-Tahoe International Airport. We also have career classes at Truckee Meadows Community College, Applied Technologies Center at 475 Edison Way.

It does not matter what school district zone a student resides in. Each year, ACE admits up to 220 students and applications are accepted year round. The majority of students begin in the fall, however there may be openings in January, as space is available, at the beginning of the spring quarter.

For more information on how to apply, click here.

ACE High School utilizes a research-based method of teaching that is more hands-on than a typical high school. ACE focuses on infusing career-applicable methods into the standard curriculum, teaching students how to use the skills they are learning in the real world. For example, rather than writing essays and reports on general subjects, ACE students are taught how to write business plans, resumes, briefs and reports. ACE students learn how to best utilize a specified amount of space in a room, building or yard, rather than simply learning how to calculate the area of a circle.

In addition, each student at ACE High School chooses a career major or course of study to focus on outside of the school’s core curriculum. ACE students can choose from CADD (computer-aided drafting and design), Building Trades, Diesel Technology, Energy Technologies, or Machine Technology.

ACE is the premiere high school for CADD (computer-aided drafting and design), Building Trades, Diesel Technology, Energy Technologies, and Machine Technology because of the number of hours students receive and the detailed level of instruction. Students earn college credit allowing them to graduate in a much shorter time with their college certification or degree.

Also, many northern Nevada industry professionals recruit interns, apprentices and other entry-level employees directly from ACE High School rather than opening the positions up to the public.

The career opportunities open to construction, diesel technicians, CADD, engineering, and machining students at ACE High School are seemingly endless.

Careers available to students in these fields range from architecture, construction project management and civil engineering (environmental, geotechnical and construction engineering; urban planning; water resources, etc.) to heavy machinery mechanics, plumbing, electrical, HVAC and other construction trade specialties as well as, machinists, energy technicians, installers, and engineers. Please see each program for specifics.

ACE does not consistently offer extracurricular activities outside of SkillsUSA but students are welcome and encouraged to coordinate those activities if they choose or participate in these activities at the appropriate high school within the Washoe County School District they would be zoned for. Many ACE students play sports and attend dances at their zoned school.

Yes. ACE holds its graduation ceremony in a private room at the Lawlor Events Center every year. All graduates wear a traditional cap and gown and receive either a standard or honors diploma similar to other high school students. ACE graduates may also earn an added Career and Technical Education endorsement upon completion of their degree program. The ACE graduation ceremony is very personalized and many say is the “best” graduation they’ve ever attended!

Yes! Please see application and enrollment specifics by clicking here.

ACE is a high school for students going into grade 9, 10, 11, and 12. You can apply to attend at any grade level.

No, ACE is a public high school for students who have not already earned a high school diploma.

ACE is a full-time high school and therefore part-time enrollment is not allowed.

Yes, 9th grade students at ACE are enrolled in a Career and Technical Exploration Program. This way they can experience something from all the career programs offered at ACE and make an educated decision about their major for 10th-12th grade.

ACE is a public school and does not charge tuition.

Yes, ACE is a Washoe County School District sponsored charter school and therefore uses the same student accounting system, Infinite Campus, and all credits are transferrable within the school district.

Yes, to some extent, however there is traditional bookwork, reading, and writing, in all classes including the career classes.

Yes, but all classes have an emphasis on projects and applied, real-world books as well.

No, there is no GPA requirement to attend ACE, however we are not a credit recovery school, therefore students who are significantly credit deficient will not be able to earn enough credits to graduate in the allotted time and therefore cannot be accepted to ACE.

No openings in a particular program, or grade level.

Being significantly credit deficient, for example a senior who has only earned 5 credits would not be able to graduate from ACE due to lack of credits.

Major behavior issues that cause a safety concern.

This depends on the individual student; if a student is on track to graduate and applies early in the process they may find out right away. Students who are credit deficient or apply late in the process, may have to wait several weeks. It is our goal to let students know as soon as possible, but because we are a small school, we need to determine re-enrollment first, then work our way through the applications by date and program openings.

A student shadow is where an interested student can spend a day at ACE with an existing student to get a feel for what a day at ACE is like. Please contact the school at 775-324-3900 to schedule a shadow day.

ACE does not have food services. All staff and students must bring a lunch to school. We are an open campus at lunch, but it is only 30 minutes long, so students can walk to/from a mini market that is close by. We have microwaves and hot water for students and vending machines with drinks and snacks. In industry, you frequently have to pack a lunch, so ACE isn’t much different than the real world.

Help is always available to students who need it. Students who make effort in class can also have time between classes, at lunch, or before and after school with all of our teachers. We even have scheduled classes to assist students who may be struggling in a particular area.

ACE students are eligible for the Nevada Millennium Scholarship as long as they meet the requirements established.

ACE graduates, like any Washoe County School District graduate, may attend UNR if they meet the requirements, apply, and are accepted. ACE is an accredited institution meaning that credits are accepted at all accredited colleges and universities.

No, ACE is not a credit recovery school. Our quarter schedule and 4 period day do allow for some credit recovery however.

It is best if you meet with an administrator one-on-one and allow us to review your individual situation to determine if ACE can provide you with the opportunity to earn the credits you need, in the legal amount of time allowed for high school in Nevada.

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