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Career Programs

At the Academy for Career Education, we train our students to be proficient and prepared for the exciting and lucrative vocations thriving in the job market. Students at ACE can explore careers in construction and engineering through contextual, hands-on and rigorous curriculum that prepares them for entry into college, apprenticeship programs, and a lifetime career.

ACE offers four trade and industry career programs: Building Trades, Advanced Machining and Manufacturing, Diesel Equipment Technology, Computer-Aided Drafting and Design (CADD), and additional certifications via our TMCC Middle College Program.

Students focus on three-four subjects every nine weeks earning 1.5-2.0 credits. Students may earn college credits while attending high school.


Earn 19 TMCC Credits in this program. This class takes place on an actual job site, and teaches students all aspects of residential construction; safety, estimation, plan reading, site work, plumbing, carpentry, electrical, and much, much more. Students get hands-on, real-world experiences as they work in teams to build a residence.


EARN a 32 credit TMCC Certificate of Achievement in Advanced Machining and Manufacturing! The advanced machining and manufacturing technology student at TMCC's machine lab will learn to set up and operate various machining tools to fabricate precision parts for use in many industries. The student will learn blueprint reading, sketching, and identifying exploded view working drawings. Trainees will be instructed in the proper and safe use of highly technical power equipment, such as lathe; drill press; and grinders. Students will also learn to use precision measuring devices to specifications, and have the ability to select the appropriate material for fabrication.


Earn a 32 credit TMCC Certificate of Achievement in Diesel Technology! Working in conjunction with Truckee Meadows Community College, students learn to repair and maintain equipment used in construction and transportation. This program also utilizes TMCC's state-of-the-art tools, equipment and facilities, including a variety of high-tech, computerized testing equipment that students use to pinpoint and analyze malfunctions in equipment.

ACE students who successfully complete 3 years in this program may earn a one-year Certificate of Achievement in Transportation Technologies from TMCC. All students earn credits that applies to an AAS degree from TMCC. Meaning these students essentially graduate high school with a full year of college under their tool belts.


Earn credits at TMCC in this program. This program gives students the opportunity to learn computer aided drafting (AutoCAD) teaching them how to create blueprints and detailed drawings of ideas and concepts in 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional formats. These sketches are based on the complex calculations of engineers, land surveyors, architects and even scientists. Students receive training in residential drafting, mechanical drawing, light commercial drafting, structural and commercial detailing, and structural steel drawings.


ACE/TMCC Middle College allows ACE students to take any course offered at TMCC’s Applied Technology Course on Edison Way as long as the student is eligible and the course can fit into their ACE schedule, typically that would mean offered between 12pm-10pm M-F or on weekends.

In addition to what ACE already offers, now students can earn credits towards certifications in the following areas, all credits can be applied to a two-year Associate Degree.  Please go to, College Catalog, for more information about a particular course of study and to view classes that may be offered:

  1. Construction Technology Certificates:
    1. Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (Switch)
    2. Construction Project Management
    3. Commercial Refrigeration
    4. Construction Estimating
  2. Energy Technology Certificates:
    1. Solar Energy Technician
    2. Wind Energy Technician
    3. Power Plant Operator
  3. Manufacturing Technologies:
    1. Drafting Technologies
    2. Production Technician (Tesla jobs)
    3. Welding Technology
    4. CAD Technician
    5. Flux-Cored ARC Welding & Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
    6. Shielded Metal Arc Welding and Gas Metal Arc Welding
  4. Transportation Technologies
    1. Automotive Service Excellence ASE- Basic, General, and Master
    2. Unmanned Aerial System Technician (DRONES)
    3. Architecture – classes to be applied towards Associate Degree
    4. Engineering – classes to be applied towards Associate Degree

Based on student eligibility and class availability.  ACE pays the tuition costs, students are responsible for textbook and equipment fees.  Contact the school for details, 324-3900.