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About Us

ACE High School is the premiere career and technical focused public high school in Reno, Nevada. Opening in 2002 as a full-time institution, ACE was the first academy in the area that was dedicated to educating students for careers in:

Building Trades
Computer Aided Drafting and Design (architectural and technical)
Diesel Technology
Energy Technologies with a focus on renewable energy
Advanced Machining and Manufacturing


  • A high school with proven results
  • About student success
  • Creating meaningful futures
  • A free, public high school


  • Believe in the value of hard work
  • Provide personalized learning
  • Have excellent teachers and experts in their career fields
  • Achieve student success; academically and technically. Our students have been National Gold Medal Winners at SkillsUSA and frequently score in the top 10 of the nation.


  • Say one thing, and do another
  • Dress up as something we are not
  • Buy into fads or latest "buzz" words in education - what you see is what you get!


  • For everyone; only serious, career-minded students should apply

If you are serious about a career in the following areas:

Construction, Plumbing, Carpentry, Project Management, Electrical, Supervision, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing, CADD Operations, Residential Planning, Diesel Technology, Automotive Service, Machining, Renewable Energy, Energy Technology, Solar Power, Wind Generation, and many more

Then ACE High School may be for you. No other high schools in Reno can provide you with the specific career training in these areas at a level where you can earn college credit. No gimmicks, just hard work!

Make your high school WORK for you - get something more than just a grade and a diploma - learn a career!