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CADD: The Building Blocks of a Young Architect

Does your child love to create through drawings or building? Is there a noticeable focus on the details most others pay no attention to? If so, you may have a young architect on your hands. A career in architecture can be a lucrative one, as it combines the passion to create with the practical skills to solve meaningful, real-world problems.

Visualize the Futurevisualize the future

Architects have the ability to think abstractly about the potential solutions to a problem, visualize those thoughts in order to create useful outcomes, and determine the best way to complete their tasks, no matter how big or small. Although the creative side of a young architect is inherent, the practical skills necessary to be successful in a career in architecture are learned. Young architects should focus their education and training on certain curriculum to ensure they are prepared for their architecture job each day.

Fun and Focus

Young architects should start their training in high school, focusing their coursework on math, including geometry, algebra and pre-calculus, as well as building and construction courses. If a young architect is not a math whiz that should not be a deterrent to follow their passion for creation. A number of career paths within architecture exist, some relying heavily on math and others more focused on visualization, design, and construction. Additional classes in science and humanities can help a young architect hone in on the problem-solving and communication skills that they will use when working on the job.

Learn to Create Blueprints

No matter their career direction in architecture, young architects will need hands-on training in a variety of settings. CADD (Computer Assisted Drafting and Design) is the computer-based drafting software used in architecture to create blueprints of major structures like deigning a blueprint for architectsbuildings and bridges. Engineers, surveyors and young architects all undergo training that utilizes CADD applications, commonly completed at a technical training school. Residential, mechanical, commercial and structural drafting is learned through the use of CADD, and drawings in 2-D and 3-D help young architects see how their work can have a true impact on the world around them.

Build the Foundation Today

Young architects who go through the proper CADD training establish a strong foundation for their future in architecture. Individuals are able to work each day designing and creating structures both big and small through the use of problem-solving skills and advanced CADD programs like AutoCad, Revit, and Inventor. All these programs make up the CADD architectural program taught at ACE High School laying the foundation for a path for a successful career in what they love.

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