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Flooring Installation at REDD House for Sustainable Energy Technology Education

We would like to congratulate our sustainable energy technology students who recently completed installing the flooring throughout the Renewable Energy Deployment Display (REDD) facility at the Desert Research Institute this past August. ACE Instructor, Ed Horan, was on site throughout the entire project and made sure things kept moving right along. The project was able to help put the students’ labor and technical skills to use and replaced a non-sustainable floor with Bamboo.

Justin Jones from the DRI was happy to report that, “the students from ACE HS finished the REDD flooring and it looks great! I am excited the students were able to learn about installing wood flooring.”

We’ve put our lessons into action; check out our hard work



DRI’s REDD facility is a framework for green living and is designed to illustrate the benefits of using different types of sustainable materials. It functions as a resource for DRI scientists and various other institutes and private businesses. It operates as a research and development lab and in an effort keeping with their effort to promote a greener environment, plans to exhibit:

Eco-friendly flooring and kitchen remodels
Energy efficient lighting and appliances
Native plant landscaping to reduce water consumption
Benefits of reusing home furnishings

Bamboo 3









Last year ACE teamed up with DRI’s GreenPower program so their research engineers could work with our Environmental Science and Energy Technology students and collaborate on building solar air collectors for educational and research purposes.



Is ACE the right choice for your child?

This latest project is just one of many that our students have completed for our community over the years and serves as a testament to our career education programs. This project was a great experience for our students in the sustainable energy technologies programs. Our programs are designed to provide young men and women with more than just diplomas and grades, but a path for a successful career. So if your child isn’t excited about traditional high school and has shown an interest in the trades or engineering, give us a call and schedule to have them take a tour of our facility and experience a day at ACE.

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