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The Freshman Success Program

Freshman year at high school…it can be a little scary, right?

ace-freshman-shopPiles of new subjects and books, halls full of strangers with names and faces to keep track of and many life altering decisions to be made.

Freshman year doesn’t have to be scary. It should be exciting, enriching and, fun.

Yes, FUN.

In many ways, the freshman year is first true step for a student on their career path.

At ACE High School, we take our Freshman Success Program very seriously. We’ve worked hard to put together a solid foundation for our 14 year-old campus members. Our research revealed that the majority of 9th grade students in our community actually fail at least one class in their freshman year.

Failure is not an option at ACE.

ACE Freshmen Get Special Attention

A key component of the Freshmen Success program is the Mentor Teacher. Mentors work closely with each student to help bolster their success in the class. Attention is paid to all aspects of student life, including the prompt turning in of all assignments and concentration on time management and communication skills.

High school is an entirely new experience. Credits count, you must pass to graduate, and personal expectations are high. ACE Mentors give individual attention to our freshmen students utilizing small class sizes and emphasizing hands-on learning.

ACE Freshmen Get to Explore

freshman-auto-shopMany ninth graders think they know what they want to do with their life. This sort of initiative is admirable in so many ways, but perhaps a little more education and exploration is recommended before that big life decision is made.

ACE High School makes that decision a little easier by allowing freshmen to explore our career programs in the 9th grade so that they can make that educated, confident career choice in their 10th grade year.

ACE freshmen get to experiment with many career options at ACE, where we focus on safety, tool operation and workplace behavior. A career programs class at ACE is often treated very much like a day on a real job. With this sort of practical experience, the ACE freshman can truly get an idea of the career that suits them best.

ACE Freshmen get a sense of community…

cfbbibbjACE High School freshmen play a huge, integral part in how our school looks inside and out. They operate as the best of school ambassadors, representing ACE through community service projects and presenting at other schools.

ACE High School students spend a lot of time and put a lot of energy into our campus. This is their school and they deserve ownership. They’ve earned it.

Here’s what we mean by “Freshman Success,” because ACE Freshmen ROCK at school!


  • Zero ACE Freshmen are credit deficient at end of the school year.
  • Most (95%) earn more than 7 credits.
  • Long term – if you start at ACE in 9th grade you typically graduate with 25 or more high school credits and several college credits to boot.
  • The majority have almost perfect attendance.
  • Oh yeah…they make awesome stuff: signs, cutting boards, rebuild an engine, doghouses, toolboxes, swamp coolers and more!

…and here’s what our All-Star ACE Freshmen are saying:

  • “I really like the small classes, I can always get the help I need.”
  • “We do cool stuff in our career class – welding, toolbox from sheet metal, and we even made a personal swamp cooler.”
  • “I know everyone here and they know me and we get along – it’s nice.” “No drama or cliques.”

You will be hard pressed to find any other 9th grade program in Reno or the surrounding area where the students perform to the level that they do at ACE High School.

So if your student is ready for high school and looking for more than what the standard programs are offering, call now because spots in our Freshman Success Program are filling fast!

(775) 324-3900

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