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Come Visit Us May 31st for Campus Tour Day!


The Academy for Career Education, ACE High School, will conduct a Campus Tour Day on Saturday, May 31st from 11am-1pm at 2800 Vassar Street, Reno.

building-trades-programProspective high school students and their families are encouraged to stop by during Campus Tour Day and learn how they can be part of this award winning high school program.

ACE is a free public high school with small class sizes, personalized attention, hands-on learning experiences and proven workforce development crucial to a student’s future career.

Students at ACE choose from five advanced career and technical programs in which students earn high school and college credit for FREE! The career programs are Diesel Technology, Computer Architectural and Technical Design, Building Trades, Energy Technologies, and Machining.

As part of the Vassar Street Campus Tour Day, you will see the ACE’s “Tiny House” project construction site. The Tiny House project builds on the idea of home construction by exposing students to all the essential elements of residential construction while learning energy technologies (renewables) and how to reduce their carbon footprint.

Click here for more info on ACE’s Tiny House Project

Through ACE’s exclusive partnership with TMCC, students have the ability to earn enough college credits while in high school to graduate from TMCC with a certification in their applicable career area.

Learn how students at ACE can get a full high school curriculum, while also gaining practical job experience through participation in their Career Programs platforms.
Explore the ACE High School programs, ask questions, and get the answers you need to make ACE the choice for your high school.

For more information about Campus Tour Day and an education at ACE High School, contact us at 775-324-3900.

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